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Champagne Tables & Pet Products

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Dog grooming tables

Dog grooming tables that lead the industryChampagne Tables & Pet Products create the dog grooming tables that have set the standard for dog professionals the world over.

We manufacture the highest quality grooming tables in the industry as well as grooming arms and clamps. We also manufacture pet bedding and all natural shampoo products with the same dedication to quality you see in our tables.

Not sure which table fits your needs? Simply contact us and we will help you choose the products that satisfy all of your requirements. You will not find better customer service in the pet grooming industry.

We are confident that you will enjoy your Champagne Products for years to come, and when you're ever in the market for a new one, Champagne Tables is where you'll return.

Champagne Tables was started more than 20 years ago, designing, manufacturing and selling our Folding Ringside Tables. Our business quickly grew and we began including several different grooming tables and other pet products. It is our dedication to quality, our real person one-on-one customer service and our willingness to stand behind our products that has helped make Champagne Tables a name synonymous with top of the line grooming products. We are most proud of our reputation as a manufacturer of a quality product and our large amount of word of mouth business.

We offer affordable flat rate shipping on all tables ($20), with the exception of hydraulic tables in which standard shipping rates apply; and all other products for retail customers within the continental United States.

Dog grooming tables